“I think it is correct to say that Western Civilization has collapsed; its creative, liberating, and humanizing foundations destroyed by the collective forces of institutionalized violence. American and European countries – long the seats of Western culture – are at the end of an entropic decline. At the same time, however, I have long suspected that we are in the early stages of a transformation in thinking that is producing major changes in how we live and work with one another in society. The vertically-structured systems of centralized authority are being replaced by horizontal networks that interconnect in decentralized, voluntary ways. The Internet – which has expanded the liberating and creative capacities inhering in Gutenberg’s invention – is the most visible expression of what I think of as the “unfolding civilization.”

“It is this social transformation that is the “terror” against which the institutional order now wars. As our world reorganizes itself into peaceful and productive systems that respect the inviolability of all persons, and relies upon spontaneous and informal processes for generating order; the political systems that now dominate mankind with their powers of death, destruction, imprisonment, torture, brutality, and other forms of violence, will lose their seductive powers. “

~Butler Shaffer

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  1. Anyo Nymuse says:

    If Greece was Western, why does Huntington’s Clash consider it part of the Islamosoviet block? Greek religion begat Islam and Communism because it rejects Original Sin. Fascist Sparta farmed Sicily and so begat Rome, but democratic Athens farmed Scythia and so begat Moscow. Westernism is the Carolignian idea of the Three Reichs: Charlemegne, Napoleon and Hitler. Who else promotes it but Pat Buchanan, protege of nazi collaborator Fr Coughlin.

    • I’m pretty sure Butler Shaffer refers to Western Civilization being Europe and America specifically as a way of saying that are symbolic pinnacles of what is viewed as western civilization. They also happen to have dominated the vast majority of the world over many centuries. He did this as a way of being loose but also specific to what societies he believes are decaying under the weight of authoritarian systems. He specifies what two societies he is focusing on when he states that “American and European countries – long the seats of Western culture – are at the end of an entropic decline.” so yes he is saying western civilization broadly but he is being specific to where exactly he is talking about. saying western civilization is very obtuse but despite that i think its clear he’s speaking of America and Europe, it just happens that the vast majority of people in the world, including the the people that need to be reached see Europe and America in the context of examples of western civilization. So i wouldn’t take it so seriously and discredit his statements on the grounds of your absurd attempt to associate him with the Nazis.

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